Costco Joins the Ticket Game?

For forty years, Costco has made themselves known as one of the nation’s premier wholesale warehouse, and currently stands as the world’s second-largest retailer. With a paid membership, Costco members are able to shop the warehouse’s wide selection of products ranging from food to furniture and jewelry to technology, giving shoppers a seemingly “best of both world’s” scenario.

Recently, Costco has expanded their wholesale marketplace further, to include event tickets. The notion that current Costco members will be able to purchase sports, theater, and concert tickets with no additional fees tacked onto the price may seem like an added bonus for Americans in possession of that golden Costco card. However, this concept is one that has been employed for far longer and much more reliably right here at Ticket Club.

CEO Don Vaccaro does not see the retailer’s expansion into the secondary ticket market to be a threat, saying, “ is proud to retain its title as the largest ticket selling membership club in the world–all while saving our members even more than warehouse club pricing can.”

Costco’s latest business venture┬áprovides current members tickets for events happening exclusively in California through a seemingly small ticket exchange. Ticket Club, on the other hand, offers the same service for the same first-time membership cost on a much larger scale, selling over 400,000 tickets to nearly 100,000 events held worldwide. But there’s more to it than that.

Ticket Club prides itself on the philosophy that members should not have to pay an arm and a leg for their favorite events, mostly caused by hefty service fees, keeping their ticket prices low and saving customers tons.

When comparing the two sellers, Costco lists their ticket prices significantly higher than those listed on Ticket Club, some events seeing a difference as much as $90 per ticket.

The bottom line is, Costco can continue to sell all its food, electronics, clothing and more to its loyal, paying members. But when it comes to tickets, they should leave it up to us.