Justin Timberlake takes his Talent to Netflix

If his latest Netflix film is any indication, Justin Timberlake can’t return to music soon enough. Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids gives Netflix users a front row ticket to his 20/20 tour inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and what a spectacle it is.

The film was shot in January 2015, on the final date of the two year long tour. Timberlake and his band and backup crew, the title Tennessee Kids, performed off a thrilling set that has no shortage of the wow-factor. The “President of Pop” proves he is more than worthy of the title, as he manages to make performing sleek dance routines and belting out his biggest hits look effortless.

Timberlake showcases his triple-threat talent throughout the film, as he swiftly transitions from heavy dance numbers “SexyBack,” “Rock Your Body” and “Like I Love You,” into songs where he lets his vocals and signature falsetto shine above the rest, in particular the opening “Pusher Love Girl” and “My Love.” In a fitting tribute, Timberlake even channels his predecessor Michael Jackson by performing a sincere rendition of “Human Nature.”

What’s equally impressive to Timberlake’s ability to run the show is his bands. The Tennessee Kids inject non-stop energy to every song and manage to be a front-and-center act along with Timberlake rather than being cast aside and remaining background players.

The concert film is a must-see for any fan of JT, but will inevitably make viewers wish the new dad makes a quick return to music and touring. He released the undisputed song of the summer this year with “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” from the upcoming animated movie Trolls, which he also lent his voice-acting talents to. However, after a three year musical drought, a new album would continue to propel Timberlake’s phenomenal stardom.

We can only hope that in a few years time he will release a second Netflix concert film from his next tour and will blow us away even more.


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