Best Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costumes

The pumpkins are sitting sturdy on front porches and pounds of candy line every store’s shelves, which means that Halloween is just around the corner! Some may have been working on their costume since the first leaf changed color, but for those who still have no idea which persona they will take on for Halloween, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of costume ideas, inspired by the bright lights of Broadway, and get ready to dress to impress come Oct. 31. 

For the Makeup Artists
Often times the most elaborate Halloween costumes are rooted in the facial makeup, not the clothes. Here are Broadway’s best characters to transform into using some impressive makeup work.

  • Any of the cats from CATS cats-2

A furry get-up complete with a tail and pointy ears makes for an easy cat costume. Intricate makeup work detailing the whiskers, mouth and nose will really make you channel the feline clan from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s acclaimed show.

  • Elphaba from Wicked maxresdefault

The misunderstood witch is simply not the same without her signature green skin. Face paint is the way to go when portraying the Wicked protagonist. A black frock, broom and pointed hat will complete the look and defy gravity this Halloween.

For the DIY lovers
When it comes to creating a costume last minute, it’s much easier to throw together pieces you already have laying around. These costumes don’t require much work to put together yet represent some of Broadway’s most famous characters.

  • Phantom from Phantom of the Opera 


All you need is a dark cape, hat and white mask to embody the mysterious Angel of Music from Broadway’s longest-running show. This can also be included as a potential couples costume, pairing the Phantom with Christine, who is recognizable through an elegant, white gown and brunette hair.


The red-haired orphan is a fun costume idea for anyone with a bright red dress. Add a white sash and heart locket to complete the ensemble.

  • Evan from Dear Evan Hansen


Not everyone may be familiar with the look of the character behind Broadway’s latest smash hit, but theatre lovers will love the simplicity behind Evan’s look. Pair a blue striped polo with khakis and use either medical tape or an ace bandage to mimic the signature cast he wears.

For the Couples
Couple costumes are a hit every Halloween, and these iconic Broadway couples are perfect to dress up as given their popularity and distinct looks.

  • Mary & Bert from Mary Poppins matt_lee__lisa_ohare_-_step_in_time

When the fan-favorite Disney duo hit Broadway years ago, they became an even more popular choice for couple’s Halloween costumes. Her hat, heels and dress combo complete the polished look Mary Poppins is known for, and an optional umbrella and carpet bag take it even further. His chimney sweep get-up is easy to re-create, needing a simple blazer, newsboy cap, and black smudges on his face.

  • Tracy and Link from Hairspray


This cute Hairspray couple can be emulated for Halloween. A flashy suit and charming smile is all it takes to channel the suave leading man. A costume for the leading lady consists of a wholesome wardrobe—primarily from the 1960s—and big hair with of course, plenty of hairspray!

  • Sandy & Danny from Grease greasees0908_468x399

Grease-inspired Halloween costumes are always a hit every Halloween, especially couples who dress as lovebirds Sandy and Danny. For him, dark jeans, a black shirt, leather jacket and slicked-back hair will complete the look for the main T-Bird. For her, the wholesome red and white cheerleader uniform is an option along with Sandy’s final rebellious look, consisting of tight black pants, off the shoulder black shirt and red heels.