Ariana Grande Slams Those Who Objectify Women

Ariana Grande is feeling like a dangerous woman. The pop singer spoke up about the objectifying and treatment of women following an encounter with a fan. 

Grande took to Twitter to explain the incident, in which she and boyfriend Mac Miller ran into a fan of Miller’s who described Grande as “sexy as hell” and made lewd comments about the rapper “hitting that.” The popstar slammed the stranger’s comments, stating that the encounter made her feel “sick and objectified.”

The 23-year-old used the opportunity to raise awareness of the sexist treatment of women everywhere and urged others to continue discussion over the issue.”I know very well that most women know the sensation of being  spoken about in an uncomfortable way publicly or taken advantage of publicly by a man,” she wrote. “We need to talk about these moments openly because they are harmful and they live on inside of us as shame. We need to share and be vocal when something makes us feel uncomfortable because if we don’t, it will just continue.”

While many of her fans applauded her candid post, Grande did draw some criticism, with one follower claiming that she was “hypocritical” of the situation given the sexual nature of her music. Grande responded right back, tweeting that expressing one’s sexuality is not an invitation to be disrespected and that she’d be as vocal as she needs to be for others to understand that.

Grande has always been an advocate for women’s equality and has not been shy about shutting down sexism, along with a long list of feminist celebrities including Beyonce, Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence and more.

No matter what others say, there’s no denying that she can’t be brought down after having one of the most successful years of her career. She released her third album Dangerous Woman, was featured in the film Sing and latest TV live musical Hairspray Live!, was named Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards and is currently nominated for two Grammys. You go, girl.