9 Zac Brown Band songs to combat the Winter Blues

Zac Brown Band is gearing up to hit the road for their Welcome Home tour, which could not come at a more perfect time. As January slowly crawls by, the Winter Blues are finding ways to sneak up on us and make us fantasize about long summer days basking in the sun. While we’re left to wait for the seasons to change, Zac Brown Band has the perfect collection of hits to put you in the summer mindset. Here are some of their best songs to hold you over before warmer weather and the Welcome Home tour are here!

Knee Deep

This catchy tune will have all listeners wishing they were wading in the crystal blue waters of some far-off destination. The three-time Grammy winners team up with island music aficionado Jimmy Buffett for an unlikely but wildly successful collaboration. The song topped the U.S. Country chart and led all fans to aspire for a state of relaxation where their only worry is if the tide will reach their beach chair.


What better song to get you feeling like you’re on vacation than this one? “Toes” perfectly describes the feeling of taking a spontaneous vacation to escape the woes of life and find paradise. Even if you’re stuck in freezing weather, one listen to “Toes” will have you feeling certain that “life is good today.”

Island Song

This song’s title alone makes it the perfect addition to this list. “Island Song” has all the components of a great beach-inspired bop, with mentions of tiki bars, Bob Marley, and unwinding in a tropical paradise. Its breezy melody will transport you to the the island destination of your choice and leave a smile on your face at the thought.

Where the Boat Leaves From

The chorus of this tune will get anyone in the island state of mind as we long to “get away to where the boat leaves from.”

Jump Right In

Taken off their Grammy-winning album Uncaged, “Jump Right In” is a fun and upbeat tune that encourages listeners to take in all the natural beauty surrounding them. Brown takes a simple concept and makes it poetic, particularly in the line “The Southern wind sings again an island lullaby.”

Keep Me in Mind

A different take on the familiar topic of unrequited love, “Keep Me in Mind”is not exactly beach-inspired though its oddly optimistic message accompanied by clean guitar riffs and an upbeat tempo make it a perfect song choice for your summer barbecue or bonfire.

No Hurry

It’s no secret that time seems to move slowly (or not at all) when you’re on vacation relaxing. Zac Brown sings of his appreciation for that in “No Hurry,” a mellow and laid-back country hit that is perfect to easily sway along to.

Make This Day

“Make This Day” is rooted in the country/rock genre, making it stand out from the other ZBB tunes on this list, however its lyrics are what resonate the most. As Brown declares that “we’re going to make this day a little better than the last,” listeners are swept up in the message and encouraged to throw away their worries and live in the here and now.


This single off ZBB’s 2015 album Jekyll + Hyde is pure fun that calls for pouring strong, rum drinks, living in the moment, and getting lost in your own type of paradise.

The Welcome Home 2017 tour kicks off in Atlanta at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at Encore Park on May 12. The group is set to release their seventh studio album, Welcome Home, that very day.

The tour consists of over 40 dates and will wrap up Oct. 28 at the Hollywood Bowl. Tickets on sale now.