What is Ticket Club? A Crash Course

Ticket Club is an innovative leader in the secondary ticket market. Unlike Stubhub, Vivid Seats and other re-sell sites, Ticket Club is committed to saving you money on tickets to all your favorite events.

While other sites charge a service fee that tacks on an additional 10-30 percent to the total cost, Ticket Club does not charge ANY of these pesky service fees ever. We operate as a membership-based site where a one-time payment of $49.99 will earn you a yearly premier membership and guarantee you won’t be charged a single service fee on each of your ticket purchases. At the end of your first year of membership, a renewal payment of $9.99 is all it takes to keep your Ticket Club premier membership and reap in the money-saving benefits of no more service fees. ¬†

We have over 400,000 tickets to roughly 80,000 events around the globe available, including the latest in sports, theater performances, concerts, comedy shows, family events and more, each of which are priced to save you money.

Four upper-level tickets to a March 26 NBA game between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat for $321 on Stubhub. Those same tickets would cost just $284 with a Ticket Club premier membership, a savings of nearly $40 in unnecessary fees. Music lovers can save just as much, as two tickets for an April 30 Neil Diamond concert would cost $280 on Ticket Club and $321 on Stubhub. No service fees are especially appealing to Broadway fans, who can save $116 on orchestra seats for Hamilton on March 9 ($3137 total on Stubhub vs. $3021 on Ticket Club). There is no denying that Ticket Club is the site that can save you the most where it matters.

Still want to buy tickets at an affordable price but don’t want to commit to a premier membership? You can still do that with Ticket Club! A free, standard account is an option for every customer, which ensures your access to our thousands of ticket listings at a cost that is convenient for you. We also offer free corporate memberships for a number of participating businesses and their employees as well as military discounts for veterans and active members of the armed services.

Still want to know more? Check out some of our frequently asked questions with answers here. Click here to sign up for a premier membership today and never spend another penny on service fees.


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