Previewing the Super Bowl Halftime Show

As the sports spectacle known as the Super Bowl continues to grow in grandeur every year, so does its halftime performances. This year’s performer, the massively talented and always theatrical Lady Gaga, is bound to get some heads turning with her highly-anticipated show. Here are the top five things to look forward to at halftime.

1. The setlist


The halftime show is designed to keep the energy going in the host stadium despite the break in the game’s action. That energy is driven purely by the music playing. Luckily, Lady Gaga’s collection of dance/pop hits are as energetic as they come, proving that with the perfectly crafted setlist, her performance will be a standout one. We’d be shocked if she didn’t include her early hits like “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “Edge of Glory,” “Born This Way,” and “Bad Romance.”

2. The dancing


Mother Monster is the ultimate performer. In addition to her powerhouse vocals, she is always able to dish out an impressive routine of choreography as well. With the Super Bowl LI halftime show being her biggest stage yet,  she is bound to take out all the stops with her dance moves.

3. The costumes


If Lady Gaga is synonymous with one thing, it’s bold fashion statements. Though she has come a long way from her infamous meat dress days, Gaga still likes to make a statement with her wardrobe. Viewers can no doubt expect a glamorous, perhaps off-beat selection of costumes from Gaga and her performance crew on the field.

4. Surprise guests


In recent years, the selected Super Bowl halftime performers have not been the only stars of the show. Beyonce delighted Destiny’s Child fans when she was joined by former groupmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams during the 2013 show, Katy Perry collaborated with Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott in 2015 and just last year, Coldplay brought back previous halftime soloists Bruno Mars and Beyonce for the event. Should Lady Gaga follow trend and invite a fellow music superstar to join her, we’re sure that it will be a halftime performance to remember for years to come.

5. The subsequent tour announcement


What better way to announce a major tour than following a concert performance that over 100 million people watch? Lady Gaga sent fans into a frenzy after retweeting an unofficial fan account claiming that the singer has scheduled tour dates which would be formally announced following the performance. A subsequent announcement seems very likely given the multitude of people who will be glued to the television for the halftime performance and would be interested in seeing Gaga perform in person.


Tell us what you’re most excited to see from Lady Gaga’s halftime performance and leave a comment below!