Top Touring Comedy Acts

Are you stressed at work? Bummed over the prospect of a new school year starting? Or just need some good, old fashioned cheering up? They say that laughter is the best medicine, so prescribe yourself some comedic entertainment and check out these top touring comedy acts. 

Cast of Impractical Jokers 


TruTV’s smash-hit hidden-camera prank show Impractical Jokers follows four friends—James Murray, Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano—who seek to embarrass each other to the max in public through juvenile pranks. In their live, stage show, the four jokers, also known as comedy troupe The Tenderloins, rely on improvisation to bring the laughs amongst each other and the crowd. They are currently wrapping up their Santiago Sent Us Tour, and have shows scheduled through the end of September. Browse tickets here.

Trevor Noah


Noah ditches his seat behind the desk hosting The Daily Show for his stand-up tour. The South African comic takes inspiration from his upbringing, culture, and of course the current events that he takes aim at on The Daily Show. Don’t miss out on seeing this late-night funnyman when he hits a city near you in the coming months. Tickets available here.

Jim Gaffigan


Gaffigan has quietly flown under the radar as one of today’s in-demand comedians, but his brand of comedy is anything but underwhelming. He focuses on his family for most of his stand-up routines and has mastered the art of the dead-pan delivery. His relatable fodder has gained him plenty of fans to flock to his shows, which run through the year’s end. Find tickets here.

Jerry Seinfeld


The perennial fan-favorite New Yorker is slated to travel outside the Big Apple for sellout shows through the end of the year. The most seasoned veteran on this list, Seinfeld is continuously one of the best-selling comedians year after year, with good reason. His signature stand-up mixed with his famed sitcom which lives on through syndication makes Jerry Seinfeld a must-see act. Find tickets to his upcoming shows here.

Chris Rock


Chris Rock has always been a riot between his Saturday Night Live tenure, and movie and TV roles. However, he’s somehow funniest when he’s alone on stage and telling stories to a crowd. Rock’s blunt, tell-it-like-it-is humor separates him from a lot of other comedians today, especially when it comes to African American culture and other relevant topics. You can catch him at major venues across the country through December. Tickets available here.

Gabriel Iglesias


Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias has been one of the most popular comics on the circuit since he broke through over a decade ago. His humor lies in self-deprecation about his weight and Mexican heritage, but remains lighthearted enough to consistently draw laughs from audiences. Check out Fluffy (dressed in his signature Hawaiian shirt garb) on various dates through January 2018. Browse tickets here.