Top Entertainment Events: October 2017

With October now officially underway, there are tons of buzz-worthy events taking place all month long. Check out our recommendations for the hottest-selling sporting and concert events quickly approaching as the autumn days go by.  Continue reading “Top Entertainment Events: October 2017”

Potential Super Bowl 2018 Halftime Performers

The 2017-18 NFL season is just three weeks in, but plenty of people already have Super Bowl LII on the mind, especially when it comes to which artist will be pegged as the game’s halftime performer. Speculation has long been brewing over who will receive the coveted performance slot during the February 4 championship in Minneapolis, and rumors that Jay-Z was offered and then rejected the gig has amped up talk over potential performers. Check out our picks to rock the stage at Super Bowl LII.

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All’s fair in love and…music? Breaking down the top performers heading to major American fairs

American state and local fairs are a treasured past time that typically bring to mind the fall season and tons of greasy, deep-fried treats just waiting to clog up arteries. In between the indulgent foods, carnival rides, and vendors, the fair is a great place to check out top-notch entertainment. Check out our recommendations for the regional fairs that will host some of music’s finest acts this fall.  Continue reading “All’s fair in love and…music? Breaking down the top performers heading to major American fairs”

2017 MTV Video Music Awards: 10 Craziest Moments in Show History

Though MTV has seemingly ditched its musical roots ages ago, the annual Video Music Awards continue to keep the network’s nostalgia and passion for popular music thriving. The award show, now in its 33rd year, will celebrate music’s top artists, songs, and of course, videos and is guaranteed to offer major pop culture moments for years to come in true VMA fashion. Let’s take a look back at the show’s most memorable, outrageous, and jaw-dropping moments in VMA history.  Continue reading “2017 MTV Video Music Awards: 10 Craziest Moments in Show History”

Concert Celebrations on Independence Day

Every year around this time, families scramble to the nearest clothing stores to pick out their perfect red white and blue, starred and striped outfit to wear for the 4th. During the day most barbecue on the grill at home, some go to the closest park for a picnic, and many attend Fourth of July parades and concerts. Thanks to John Adams, the night ends with an awesome show of sparks and burning colored flames. Here are some ways you can spend this firework driven holiday.

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